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Last updated  09/24/05
Lyricist and Web designer
Kay Skordilis                          
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  Ότι Aρχίζεi Ωραίο...       Είναι κακό στην  άμμο 
   na  χτίζεις  παλάτια 
 In these pages you will find interesting
Information about the Bouzouki, its
origin and facts about Greek Music 

Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689
USA--1 727- 934-5616 


Is a bouzouki player, composer, singer, father, husband, brother, son, friend, dog lover,  worker, player, Greek-American-Floridian and human being.  He would enjoy hearing from you about the music or anything else, just as long as you say good things, of course!!!!!       

  can transform you.
Use it to BRIGHTEN your spirit, to RELIEF your stress, to RE-AWAKEN your sense of wonder to the music of the world we live in, and to help you heal yourself and those you love

work, study, compute, nap, do homework, read, play, pay bills, cuddle up, lounge, prepare a good meal, get a massage, give a massage, drive to and from work, do surgery, teach, pray, paint, smile, laugh, cry, dream and visualize the whole world in a peaceful harmony with music, laughter and dance.  
O. K, delighted, amazed, tired, stressed, normal, fine, balanced, happy, ecstatic, depressed, bored, grateful, jazzed or mellow.

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